Friday, June 27, 2014

OHIO Loves Open Carry!

We decided to help the state of Ohio out in their effort to increase tourism to the state. Check out the news story.  Here is our first Ohio ad:

New advertisement for "Discover Ohio."  This ad features Ohio's love of open carry guns!

Ohio: The Safest Place to Visit (Thanks Open Carry!)

Ohio is trying to change up its image. Mary Cusick, the new director of Ohio tourism, recently stated that she wants "to create a brand that will make people want to visit Ohio."

We here at USA Holiday Planner thought we could help her out in that department.  We know tourism.

And there is nothing that increases tourism like guns.

The way we see it, the more guns the more tourists!

And Ohio loves their guns.

As a traditional Open Carry state, there are plenty of guns in Ohio---with people willing to carry them out in the open.

Come to Ohio and you just might have the pleasure of meeting this guy and his AR-15.

Ohio Gun Nut with his AR-15 Ohio Gun Nut with his AR-15

Or this guy:

Ohioan protecting others with his large, manly gun!

Good thing she has that gun strapped to her leg.  Her baby has never been safer.

Protecting babies in Ohio!

Here are some patriots protecting a statue at the Ohio statehouse. God bless 'em!

Open Carry Advocates protecting a statue!

These students at Ohio State University have never been safer, thanks to Open Carry:

Open Carry: Protecting Students on Campus--No More Kent States in Ohio!

We think we have a marketing strategy for Mary Cusick.  And here is the first prototype of an ad that will surely bring more people to Ohio:

Ohio: We've Come a Long Way Since Kent State!

You're welcome, Mary Cusick!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Target Explains Their Gun Policy

In response to the Open Carry controversy plaguing Target stores, Mary Spider, the spokesperson for the retail giant recently held a press conference clarifying Target's position.

"We have received petitions from well-over 300,000 people all across the country in regard to their dislike of our store policy," she stated.  "However, Target will continue to allow open carry in our stores in those states that allow it."

When pressed on the issue, Spider lowered her voice and stated:

"Have you seen these guys?  They've got fucking guns.  Big ones. It's hard to say 'no' to that."

Spider ended the press conference without further comment.

Check out Target's gun-friendly ads here.

Open carry Advocate shopping at Target
Open Carry Advocate Shopping at Target

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Target Releases New Open Carry Friendly Ads

Despite the public uproar over allowing Open Carry advocates to openly carry firearms in their stores, Target took a different approach.  They recently released several ads highlighting open carry.

"We want Target to be the safest store in America," said Mary Spider, the Target spokesperson.  "To do so, we are turning to Open Carry advocates.  Their presence in our stores makes us all feel a little safer."

Open Carry advocate Elizabeth Borden agreed.  "Whenever I go into Target without my weapons, people creep on me.  Especially in the Lego aisle.  Girls can like Lego too, you know."

"When I open carry," said advocate Harry Callahan, "I always get what I want.  That last box of Oreos?  They're mine."

These ads are just a few in the new series.  "We are trying to get Rachael Ray and Nate Berkus to open carry in our stores together," said Spider.  "That would be awesome."

Some of Target's new ads can be viewed below.

UPDATE:  Target just released a clarification of their gun policy. 

Target: The Safest Place to Buy Groceries

Target: The Safest Place to Buy Legos

Target: The Safest Place to Buy iPhones

Target: The Safest Place to Buy Lean Cuisine

Target: The Safest Place to Buy Tampax Tampons

Target: The Safest Place to Buy Body Wash

Target: The Safest Place to Buy Oreos

Target: The Safest Place to Buy Liz Lange Maternity

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Liz Lange maternity Clothes, Exclusively at Target

Liz Lange Maternity Clothes are exclusively sold at target.  A good place for "Open Carry" pregnant women to get some clothes that match their gun style.

Liz Lange Open carry Clothes Exclusively at Target

New Target Ad Targets Gun Owners

Retail giant Target, in the midst of an open carry controversy, recently sided with Open Carry advocates by releasing a new ad that targets their right to carry assault rifles in the store.

"We are called 'Target' after all," said Target spokesperson, Mary Spider.  "We want all people to feel welcome in our stores.  And having heavily armed people just makes us all a little bit safer.  You can buy your diapers knowing that Target is the safest store in the United States."

Check out the ad below.

Target: The Safest Place to Buy Oreos
Target: The Safest Place to Buy Oreos

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Wild West. For Real.

The Wild West of the movies has never been so close a reality.  In fact, the U.S. Tourism and Travel Commission has recently used this fact as a means to increase tourism to the United States.  The tagline:  "The Wild West. For Real."  Check out the poster below:

New poster for US Tourism: The Wild West. For Real.
The New USA Tourism poster from the U.S. Tourism and Travel Commission.

The United States Finally Has the Wild West it Always Wanted

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
In The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Clint Eastwood’s 1966 Western masterpiece, there are a total of 126 violent deaths, most by gun-toting, pre-NRA loving, open-carry heroes.

But that was not the actual Wild West.  No, the Wild West of history was actually quite boring.  Towns never had a murder rate as high as what appeared in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Not even close. Even the town of Tombstone, famous for the gunfight at the OK Corral, had a highest gun death total of 3---in 1881 and because of that infamous gunfight (which only lasted for 30 seconds.  The 1957 movie has a running time of 122 minutes, which is 244 times longer than the actual gunfight).

The notorious city of Dodge, Kansas, recorded only 17 murders between 1876 and 1885.  The highest was 5 recorded in 1878.  And in some years, no one was murdered at all. Unbelievable.

Plus, one thing the movies don’t mention is that gun control was a reality in many Wild West towns.  In 1881, the Tombstone city council passed Ordinance #9, which prohibited anyone other than law enforcement from carrying guns.  The famous gunfight actually occurred in an attempt to disarm several “bad guys with guns.”

Anti-Gun sign outside of Dodge City
The Anti-Gun Sign Outside of Dodge City
In fact, many western towns prohibited all guns from entering the city limits.   In Wichita, Kansas, visitors were required to leave their guns at the police station or face arrest.  A sign that greeted visitors to Dodge City were told that the “Carrying of firearms is strictly prohibited.”  Next to drunk and disorderly conduct, the most recorded arrests in the “Wild West” were for carrying firearms.  As a result, the murder rate in frontier towns averaged about 1.5 a year. Granted, the populations were much lower, but still….boring. 

Luckily, we don’t have such laws today and people can work out their problems on the streets, just like Clint Eastwood or John Wayne.  The famous Wild West of the movies is now a glorious reality on the streets of America—just as the founders (and Jesus) intended.

You can now experience the thrill of a shootout just like in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

Instead of corrals or saloons, the preferred American shootout place seems to be waffle houses:

Many Americans grew up playing "Cops and Robbers" or "Cowboys and Indians."  Now, you can live out your childhood on the actual streets! And, in many places, you can actually walk around carrying your guns openlyWe finally have the Wild West we always wanted.  This is one of the biggest selling points for tourists coming to ‘Murica.  Book your trip today!

The Good, The Guns, The USA:  The Wild West. For Real.
The Wild West. For Real.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The NRA Resurrects Bert the Turtle for New School Safety Video

NRA:  Arm the Children and teach them to "Duck, return fire."
Clip from "Duck, Return Fire," a new NRA-sponsored
school safety video.
In light of the recent mass shootings in America, most recently at an Oregon high school, the National Rifle Association has teamed up with the U.S. Civil Defense to educate Americans on what must be done to end the violence.  The solution, of course, is more guns.  Arm the children, says the NRA.

The NRA decided to bring back Bert the Turtle from the old 1951 Civil Defense film.  Bert is a lovable turtle who saved countless lives during the Cold War by teaching the "Duck and Cover" drills.

"It was Bert the Turtle who won the Cold War," said Wayne LaPierre at a recent press conference. "Now, Bert is going to help us win the war against bad guys with guns."

Instead of telling students to duck and cover, Bert now tells them to "duck and return fire."  It's a great plan that can only lead to success.  Check out the video below.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Michigan: Pure Guns

After my conversation with Sven, I came across this new Michigan travel ad.  It does a great job highlighting the issue of guns in Michigan.  The new slogan is great:  Michigan: Pure Guns.

Michigan: Pure Guns
Michigan: Pure Guns logo

Conversations with Sven: Is Michigan Safe for Holiday?

Sven, a former client of mine who lives in Sweden asked me recently about travel to the great state of Michigan.

"Ted," he asked.  "I've seen those 'Pure Michigan' ads and want to take a trip.  Is it safe there?"

Is it safe?  Of course it is, I told him.

And then the question that almost everyone considers when thinking of travel to the United States: "What about the guns?  They got a lot there, no?"

I took a deep breath.  It's hard to explain this to Americans and even harder explaining it to foreigners.

I told him that yes, there are a lot of guns in Michigan.  But the 436,000 concealed carry permits in Michigan help keep Michiganders and tourists very safe.

"But more people die of guns in Michigan than in car accidents," he said.

Sven had done his research.

That may be true, I told him.  "But Michigan's homicide rate is rather low."

Sven furrowed his eyebrows.  "In 2012, there were 536 murders in Michigan by guns.  All of Sweden only had 58 in the same year."

"Yes, but that is so much lower than California.  California had over 1300 murders by gun in 2012."

"But California's population is larger.  California's murder rate was actually lower than Michigan." He fumbled through some papers.

"What you got there," I asked.

"The F.B.I. Uniform Crime Report," he replied.  "I downloaded it from the internet today."

"Ya.  Here it is," he continued.  "California may have had the most homicides by gun, followed by Texas and Michigan.  But its murder rate was 5.0 per 100,000.  Michigan's was 7.0."

I took a sip of my coffee.  "Yes, but when you look at it that way, Michigan is only #6.  Not even in the top 5."

"Well, the top two aren't even states."

I looked down at the sheet.  He was right.  The top was Puerto Rico with a rate of 26.7.  That was followed by Washington, D.C. with a rate of 13.9.

"Now you have to remember," I told him.  "That rate is not just because of guns, but knives and other weapons as well."

"True," replied Sven.  "But still, the majority of these murders are committed by guns.  Why should I go to Michigan---"  He paused as he scanned the tables.  "---When I can go to New Hampshire, which has the lowest murder rate at 1.8?"

"That's even lower than Sweden, isn't it?"  I said with a smile.

"No, it isn't.  Sweden's murder rate is only .89.  We had only 58 murders with guns.  The United States had close to 10,000.  That's 162 times more than us."

I took another sip of coffee.  "Well, what's there to see in New Hampshire?  You want to live, you need to take risks."

I continued.  "Michigan's got beautiful beaches.  Great bed and breakfasts.  The Henry Ford Museum. Michigan has a lot to offer."

"True," Sven said, folding up his sheets of paper.  "Maybe I go.  Or, maybe just to Canada."

The fact is that America is the greatest place to visit.  Yes, there are a lot of guns.  But the majority of Americans are law-abiding people who just really want to protect others.  They are waiting for that moment when they can pull out their concealed handguns and take out a bad guy with a gun.

"As the NRA says, Sven," I tell him, "The only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  And there are more good guys than bad."

"Just stay out of Detroit," I added.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Celebrating Open Carry--World Edition

Thanks to Open Carry Texas, the country is beginning to see just how important this is to the preservation of our security and our constitution.  These open carry advocates are the "good guys with guns."  Their presence not only demonstrates the strength of our Constitution, but the stability of our society.  They make us safer.  There's nothing like a guy with a large assault rifle walking down the street to give you that sense of comfort and calm.

Patriotic Americans carry guns

They also look incredibly cool carrying their guns too.

Cool Guy With Gun

There are other countries that allow Open Carry, too.  Although you should visit the United States, a visit to these countries would provide the same uplifting, exciting experience.  Here is a celebration of Open Carry in other parts of the world:

Open Carry in Libya
Open Carry in Libya
Open Carry in Libya
Cool Guys with Guns in Libya
Open Carry in Somalia
Open Carrying in Somalia with a Smile
Open Carry in Yemen
Open Carry in Yemen

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Open Carry Texas Guys Open Carry at Local Sex Shop

(June 4, 2014  Dallas, TX)
After hanging out with their rifles and their pals at Target, a couple of Open Carry Texas guys were found open carrying in a local sex shop.

"We were just hoping to get a date," said one who didn't give his name, but said his profile was available on GunLoversPassion.com, a dating site for gun affectionados. "My profile name is 'Double Barrel,'" he added.

Open Carry Texas is a gun advocacy group that has been making headlines with members carrying long rifles and assault weapons in very public areas, such as Home Depot, Target, Chili's and Starbucks.  This is the first time that they open carried in a sex shop, however.

"I come here a lot," said the other young man.  "Mostly without my gun, though."  He walks down the isle, admiring the new assortment of blow-up dolls.  "If they had a Sarah Palin one, I'd buy that in an instant."

Dallas sex shop next stop of Open Carry Texas members.
Members of Open Carry Texas open carrying in Dallas sex shop.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Walt Disney World PSAs

The "Happiest Place on Earth" is also one of the best armed--thanks to "Concealed Carry" advocates.  Many people smuggle guns into Disney World every day.  Here are a selection of advertisements for eight of the biggest sources of tourism to the United States.  It's time we highlight our well-armed citizenry for the rest of the world! You're welcome, Walt Disney World!

"It's an Armed World After All" Concealed Carry at the Happiest Place on Earth

Over 2 million people have been given permits to walk around packing heat in Florida.  And that’s a good thing, since Florida has the world’s most visited theme park.  Some 17 million people from all over the world visit Disney World every year.

And every time they go, they are protected by hundreds of armed civilians everyday in the park, making the "happiest place on earth" also the safest.

Although Disney has a strict “no guns” policy on its property, that doesn’t stop the patriots who believe in conceal carry.  “Concealed is concealed,” they like to say.

A quick scan at gun forums on the internet reveals the truth:  people bring guns into Disney all of the time.  Sometimes they are discovered, sometimes not.

"Goober Tim" carries in Disney World every time he goes and I feel safer because of it:

Concealed Carry at Disney World

"bhale187" understands that not having a gun makes you a target of terrorism, because terrorists know that if there is a "good guy" with a gun, they'll detonate that bomb somewhere else. So he carries just in case he needs to "get a shot off in a crowd."  Good for him.  He makes us all safer.

Concealed Carry at Disney World

"HKinNY" carries a Glock into Disney World.  And outside food and drink as well.  

Concealed Carry at Disney World

Disney security is notorious and there has never been a major incident (except for the patriot who accidentally left his loaded gun on a ride at Animal Kingdom last year. Ooops.). "Ab4ka"always feels safe in Disney World, yet he carries all the time because "there is no exception."

Concealed Carry at Disney World

Yes, Disney and any theme park in Florida is private property and they have a right to prohibit things from entering their property.  But what if the government plans a take-over of Disney World?  Who's going to protect Mickey?  Concealed Carry is the first line in our defense of freedom.  These heroes are capitalism's mercenary force.  

"Netentity" has carrying at Disney down to a science.  He "deeply conceals" and then transfers his spare magazines in the comfort of a restroom stall.  You have to admire a man willing to shove his guns and ammo anywhere in order to sneak past guards at Disney World.  I just hope he washes his hands.

Concealed Carry at Disney World

"Salsa" has some good advice to avoid detection.  He even carries a knife as well because you can't be too careful.  If a terrorist shows up and he can't get to his gun in time, he'll be "good to go" on that perp.

Concealed Carry at Disney World

Carrying at Disney World is quite popular among the CC folks and there are many more posts that show just how safe Disney is due to these diligent, but patriotic rule breakers.

Concealed Carry at Disney World

Concealed Carry at Disney World

Concealed Carry at Disney World

Concealed Carry at Disney World

Concealed Carry at Disney World

Concealed Carry at Disney World

Concealed Carry at Disney World

Concealed Carry at Disney World

Concealed carry at Disney World (or any amusement park, for that matter) is what civilization is all about.  Sure most of the people who attend Disney World are under the age of 10, but who's going to protect them if something goes down? It is comforting to know that some guy sitting next to you on “It’s a Small World” may be packing.  If chaos breaks out at Cinderella’s castle, these “good guys” with guns may be your only defense.

I wonder why Disney doesn't publicize this?  Maybe we should. Check out our new Disney World Posters!

Concealed cary at Disney World
"It's an Armed World"  This is what Concealed Carry at Disney World might look like.