Friday, June 6, 2014

Celebrating Open Carry--World Edition

Thanks to Open Carry Texas, the country is beginning to see just how important this is to the preservation of our security and our constitution.  These open carry advocates are the "good guys with guns."  Their presence not only demonstrates the strength of our Constitution, but the stability of our society.  They make us safer.  There's nothing like a guy with a large assault rifle walking down the street to give you that sense of comfort and calm.

Patriotic Americans carry guns

They also look incredibly cool carrying their guns too.

Cool Guy With Gun

There are other countries that allow Open Carry, too.  Although you should visit the United States, a visit to these countries would provide the same uplifting, exciting experience.  Here is a celebration of Open Carry in other parts of the world:

Open Carry in Libya
Open Carry in Libya
Open Carry in Libya
Cool Guys with Guns in Libya
Open Carry in Somalia
Open Carrying in Somalia with a Smile
Open Carry in Yemen
Open Carry in Yemen

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