Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Michigan: Pure Guns

After my conversation with Sven, I came across this new Michigan travel ad.  It does a great job highlighting the issue of guns in Michigan.  The new slogan is great:  Michigan: Pure Guns.

Michigan: Pure Guns
Michigan: Pure Guns logo

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  1. I mean it is the most shocking thing that human civilization is fighting for their survival with each other. Technology is for safeguard not to harm someone else. Keeping guns is OK, but you need to abide by the moral duties associated with this gun keeping. Only people with good training should be given the license to use the gun and they must be taught the time when to use and when not to use the gun. everyone having gun and killing the other one for his self esteem, selfishness, greed and haterade is not the solution. Guns are supposed to be used for safety of our self as well as others.
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