Friday, June 27, 2014

Ohio: The Safest Place to Visit (Thanks Open Carry!)

Ohio is trying to change up its image. Mary Cusick, the new director of Ohio tourism, recently stated that she wants "to create a brand that will make people want to visit Ohio."

We here at USA Holiday Planner thought we could help her out in that department.  We know tourism.

And there is nothing that increases tourism like guns.

The way we see it, the more guns the more tourists!

And Ohio loves their guns.

As a traditional Open Carry state, there are plenty of guns in Ohio---with people willing to carry them out in the open.

Come to Ohio and you just might have the pleasure of meeting this guy and his AR-15.

Ohio Gun Nut with his AR-15 Ohio Gun Nut with his AR-15

Or this guy:

Ohioan protecting others with his large, manly gun!

Good thing she has that gun strapped to her leg.  Her baby has never been safer.

Protecting babies in Ohio!

Here are some patriots protecting a statue at the Ohio statehouse. God bless 'em!

Open Carry Advocates protecting a statue!

These students at Ohio State University have never been safer, thanks to Open Carry:

Open Carry: Protecting Students on Campus--No More Kent States in Ohio!

We think we have a marketing strategy for Mary Cusick.  And here is the first prototype of an ad that will surely bring more people to Ohio:

Ohio: We've Come a Long Way Since Kent State!

You're welcome, Mary Cusick!

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