Do's & Don'ts

Like any place you would visit on the planet, there are some things you should know about taking a holiday in the United States.  Here is a handy Do & Don't Guide for Holiday in the United States.

Don’t wear hoodies.  They are dangerous.

Do wear a Duck Dynasty t-shirt, especially in the South.

Don't openly carry wallets, certain types of candybars, cellphones or even a Bible. These may be mistaken for guns, especially if you have darker skin.

Do memorize the 2nd Amendment (except for the “well-regulated militia part”)

Don’t go hunting with Dick Cheney.  He may shoot you in the face.

Do buy a gun.  It's easy, even if you are from outside the United States. If you buy a gun from a private party, you don't even need to get a background check or have that gun registered* 

*You may be able to easily buy a gun here, but most likely your home country regulations will prevent you from bringing it back into your country.  Don't worry, when you're done using it here, just sell it to someone else!

That's because you don't live in the United States!

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