Great Americans

There are many great, red-blooded Americans you should know before you holiday in the United States.  These Americans understand guns and will tell you that America is safe... especially with them around.

NRA CEO Wayne La Pierre

Wayne LaPierre is the outspoken CEO of America’s “largest civil rights organization,” the National Rifle Association. He is modern America's Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar Chavez and Susan B. Anthony rolled into one.

Joe the Plumber was probably an actual plumber, until he suddenly appeared on the national stage during the 2008 election.  Since then he has been laying down the sewer pipes of truth all over the U.S.A.
Your dead kids

Ted Nugent Suck on My Machine Gun

Ted Nugent is one of America’s greatest rockers.  He had a hit song in 1977 that reached all the way to #30.  Now, he goes on stage with his guns and dreams of defending his compound against Democrats, federal agents, illegal immigrants, blacks, Hispanics and homosexuals.  A true American patriot.

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