Americans love their guns.  In fact, we have more guns per capita than any other country on the planet!  There is just about 1 gun for every man, woman and child in America--9 guns for every 10 Americans.  More than 300 million total!   Take that Yemen!

There are over 130,000 federally licensed gun dealers in the United States.  There are more gun dealers than there are grocery stores or even McDonald's.  More gun dealers than movie theaters. Or gas stations.  That's the way we like it here.

And these guns keep us safe.  In fact, in terms of gun suicides and homicides, America isn't even in the top ten.  We are #13!  We are safer than Mexico!  Safer than Honduras, Colombia and Venezuela! And even safer than Swaziland.

Okay, we may not be safer than some other countries.  Anti-gunners will always tell you that its safer somewhere else. But who wants to visit Taiwan or Canada anyway? You have to be careful: charts like the following one are biased against America.  Look where it's from and you'll know why:  the Sacramento Bee. That's in California (A place you don't want to visit). California is one of only six states to require registration of firearms.

But not Georgia! Georgia is one of our favorite states.  They have no gun registration laws and you can bring your gun anywhere in Georgia, including schools and churches. In fact, Georgia has it's priorities straight.  It is easier to buy a gun in Georgia than a vibrator. You may not need a permit for a gun, but if you want to tempt your naughty bits with devil's tools, you'll need a doctor's note!

Guns in Georgia.  It runs in the family.
Typical Gun-Loving, Freedom-Loving Family in Georgia
There are many great things to see and do in Georgia.  There's Atlanta.....Atlanta is great. Coca-Cola is from there. And...that's about it. But: Guns!

Another state we like is Florida.  Home of the Mouse.  And home of "Stand Your Ground." Florida is one of those places where you can legally kill someone you don't like.

In fact, 25 states have similar laws.  Someone looks at you strange?  Bang!  Someone walks across your lawn in a menacing way? Bang!

Ain't America great?  With families like the one pictured on the left, why wouldn't you want to visit?  In fact, there are millions like them:

Typical American Family
Typical American Family

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